Free consultation & delivery with DHL

Free consultation & delivery with DHL

Your DNA.
Your goals.
Your diet.

Without renunciation to the feel-good weight!


With personalized nutrition
to the feel-good body!

The path to your personal goals starts with your DNA. Whether you want to eat healthy for the long term, achieve your feel-good body, or even improve your quality of life.

Take the test once from home and receive your personal recommendations for a DNA-based diet, as well as lifestyle tips for your everyday life.

Dna analysis and food book

N Collect saliva sample conveniently from home

N Evaluation understandable and easy to apply in everyday life

N Certified laboratory analysis of the saliva sample

Dna analysis and food book

Your DNA – your daily companion

Begin to understand what makes your body work.

With our DNA tests you get much more than just “test results”. With each individual evaluation based on your DNA, you will learn what effect your genetic predisposition has on your bodily functions and your everyday life.

N more than 200 gene variations

N Evaluation available within 3-4 weeks

N Holistic view of your body functions


DNA and blood test’s for home!

Our science team has developed a range of products that can be used to pursue the most common physical goals. This way you always keep your future in your own hands.

Unclear which of our products might be right for your goal? Start the product finder, answer a few questions and we will show you the right product.


DNA analysis provides insight into your body’s innate characteristics.


Blood tests are used to detect allergies and food intolerances in order to treat them at an early stage.


Based on your DNA evaluation, we help and guide you to achieve your goals.

You are unclear which product could be the right one for your target? Start the product finder, answer a few questions and we will show you the right product.


DNA and blood test’s for home!

Our science team has developed a range of products that can be used to pursue the most common physical goals. This way you always keep your future in your own hands.

You are unclear which product could be the right one for your target? Start the product finder, answer a few questions and we will show you the right product.

THE DNA test for home


Increase your physical well-being sustainably without renunciation.

Experience once with our most popular DNA metabolism analysis, how you can change your diet specifically to stimulate your metabolism in the long term again and increase Lebensqualtät.

How can DNA analysis help me with my goals?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to your daily diet, nutrition and optimal fitness activity. With the mybody DNA analysis you get exactly the answers to reach your physical goals.


Wie verstoffwechselt mein Körper Kohlenhydrate, Fette und Preoteine und neige ich zu Übergewicht?


How well does my body absorb micronutrients and how much do I really need every day?


How do I gain more control over my health through targeted preventative care & appropriate sleep cycles?


How can I boost my metabolism and digestion to be more energetic?


Which type of sport & fitness suits me and what should an effective workout look like?


How do my genes influence my skin & what nutrients do I need


Genes are the critical key to better health, better fitness and a much longer life!

  • optimize your diet
  • stimulate your metabolism
  • Increase your fitness performance
  • regulate your weight in a natural way
  • prevent allergies and intolerances
  • protect your skin from rapid aging

Biologically and genetically, we are all completely unique and the basis of this uniqueness lies primarily in the unique variations and combinations of our genes.

These genes are our unique genetic information and thus the individual blueprint of our body, our organs and all related functions. Each one of our approximately 50 trillion cells contains the complete genes of our body.

Thus, the color of our hair, our eyes and our skin is fixed in our genes from the beginning of our biological development. Likewise, all our individual bodily functions, with all their strengths and weaknesses, are controlled in this blueprint of life.

The new findings of modern microbiology and the study of human DNA are revolutionary. Sie belegen die Schlüsselrolle unserer Ernährung und unseres Lebensstils auf unsere Gesundheit.


By supplying our cells and cell nuclei with the natural vital substances they need to activate their healthy, genetic potential, we open up access to previously unused vitality reserves.

We thus strengthen our health, accelerate healing and regeneration processes of all kinds and reduce the usual aging and degeneration processes in a natural way.

We invite you to learn about the amazing possibilities of your genes. Discover the great possibilities your genes hold for your life.


All active genes are located on the chromosome strands of our genetic material in the nuclei of our body cells. The genes are each embedded in a chain of 3.3 billion DNA base pairs per cell nucleus, whereby the DNA also represents the material basis of the genes in molecular biological terms.

The totality of genes and DNA is the complete material carrier of all heritable information and is called the genome. DNA (abbreviation for deoxyribonucleic acid) makes up the largest part of our genetic material.

It has only been researched for a few years that 80 percent of our DNA is actually biologically active and thus performs very important functions in our organism. This is because DNA controls whether and how genes become active. In the organism, it thus decisively controls the course of countless essential functions and the continuous production of proteins.

The MY INFINITY DNA ANALYSIS in a fact check!


Evaluated genes



small difference. big change

Further DNA ANALYSES at a glance


Take control of your diet and fitness.


With the complete package you will learn everything you need to know about yourself.


The formula for healthy skin and long-lasting beauty, is in your DNA.

Your DNA Test Consultant

Work together on your needs and goals.

Your DNA nutrition test on the PC (laptop) or smartphone (cell phone).

Through the mybody-DNA analyses, thousands of people have been able to get to know their own bodies better in order to adjust their daily diet accordingly.

Tell us what your personal goal is and what needs you currently have in your everyday life. Thus, you will also receive, through our free consultation, the appropriate mybody-DNA analysis package for home.

Your DNA nutrition test on the PC (laptop) or smartphone (cell phone).

Partnerships & Company

Quality that convinces and makes happy.

Our long term partnerships, use mybody DNA analysis daily for their customers. Ihre Themenbereiche erstrecken sich von Gesundheit und Prävention bis Sport & Fitness, über Ernährung und Stoffwechsel, bis hin zu Beauty und Anti-Aging.

ECHTE Kunden, Echte resultate

Everyone is different and has their own goals.

Christian Redl

11-time world record holder in apnoea diving

“As a professional athlete, I have long been interested in how I am genetically positioned with regard to my tolerance of various foods.

My hope was simply to balance my quality of life and physical fitness as best I could.

That’s why I decided to do the MY INFINITY analysis with the MY FOODBOOK and some things were immediately confirmed by it, which I had always felt and recognized myself.

Therefore, I can simply recommend DNA analysis to anyone who feels they finally want to understand themselves better!” LG Your Chris Redl 🙂


4 reasons for a DNA analysis from mybody!

DNA analysis stands for the decoding of genetic sequences. Science thereby offers application for a variety of purposes. One application is to study the bodily functions of humans.

Mybody wants to show in a modern, simple and effective way the genetic tendencies and the mybody metabolic and sport types*.

With DNA analysis from mybody, you have your report at your fingertips every day.

Your personal coach

Each analysis includes individual 1:1 conversations on questions about your evaluation.

Free live chat support

You have questions? Contact us through the website chat or via Whatsapp.

Mobile access to your DNA analysis report

Always have all the evaluations with me to look up something spontaneously.

Comprehensive reports about your body

Recommendations for action for every life and everyday situation.


The security of your data is important to us!

Your DNA sample will be stored in a secure facility with controlled access. It is pseudonymized with a unique identification code and only selected people have access to the association with your personal data.

Your saliva sample and its DNA sequence will be destroyed 2 months after the analysis is completed.

We work according to the requirements of the DSGVO and the security of your data is our top priority. MYBODY-X always uses the latest software and information technology to ensure that your information is never shared with an unauthorized person without your explicit consent.

The transmission of your personal and payment information through our website is secured by the latest SSL encryption.