The company

The company MYBODY-X


MYBODY-X is an innovative, personalized health and wellness company. We use the latest genetic research to improve the health aspects for the millions of people.


For more than 5 years we have been on the market with the subject of nutri-, human- and epigentics

Represented across Europe in up to 15 countries & DNA evaluation available in 12 languages

Our EU based laboratory is accredited and certified according to ISO/IEC17025:2005.

Our motivation

The main driver of our success is people. For him, we combine scientific know-how with personal motivation. We think, communicate and act in a new way. We look at old ideas from a new perspective and inspire our customers as well as partners in a new way, as well as ourselves.

We all know: For the development of a strong and attractive body, the personally suitable training plan and the optimal nutrition are crucial. Training must take into account the current level of performance and individual strengths and weaknesses, while in terms of nutrition, not only protein and energy requirements, but also individual intolerances and metabolic situations play an important role.

About us

MYBODY-X has tested a great many concepts for training and nutrition control itself in the course of its professional and athletic development. The results were sobering. None of the established testing methods could really provide them with the information they were looking for. In an intensive exchange with many athletes, coaches and experts from medicine and nutritional science, the innovative research areas of genetics and epigenetics therefore increasingly became the focus of attention.

The researched facts showed that the time was now ripe for the targeted use of knowledge about the functions of human DNA. This is because the complete decoding of the human genome in 2003, rapid advances in epigenetics and other revolutionary events, such as the award of the 2009 Nobel Prize in Medicine for groundbreaking microbiological discoveries, provided valuable, scientifically sound insights for completely new approaches to solutions.

The goals & vision

With the aim of developing a completely new lifestyle concept based on state-of-the-art science for better health, greater athletic success and increased attractiveness, MYBODY-X has developed its DNA analysis and lifestyle program in collaboration with international experts in genetics and microbiology. We didn’t want to set up just any company, we want above all to help people use their genetically available potential.

The vision of MYBODY-X is to make the knowledge of each person’s individual genetic identity and its associated vital potential accessible and practically usable. For more health, fitness and attractiveness in life.

The innovation

Today, in 2022, MYBODY-X is establishing itself worldwide as a powerful provider of individualized analysis and consulting products based on human DNA. The revolutionary knowledge of how the genetic, personal potential can be used for a comprehensively healthier and more fulfilling life is contained in each and every MYBODY-X product Experts in medicine, sports and nutritional science are convinced: MYBODY-X heralds a new age that uniquely takes into account and promotes the individual possibilities and potentials of people. All the outdated concepts in medicine, sports, and nutritional science that have made the…

valuable knowledge of human DNA are not taken into account, will increasingly rapidly lose their previous significance. Physical and mental performance are an important basis for success. Whether at work, in sports or in partnerships – ultimately in all areas of life – modern man benefits from the ability to call up energy potential in a targeted manner. The basis for this is sustainable strong health.