Your X-FORMING DNA analysis package for more performance

Get the information you need and the right products for your body and your individual goals.

Change your own body with the combination of the knowledge of your DNA and the fascination of the X-FORMING transformation. Optimize your nutrition, your sports and your lifestyle and light a blazing fire in you for more well-being and quality of life.

The uniqueness of your DNA reveals genetic information about macronutrients, eating habits and your personal sport type predisposition. Improve your training, nutrition and lifestyle with the DNA Analysis Evaluation and apply specific action and nutrition recommendations on a daily basis to make sustainable physical progress.

The versatility of X-FORMING promotes your personal diet and daily training with high-quality combination packages. Unleash 200% of your potential and achieve your desired feel-good body even faster and more effectively.

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Your DNA Analysis Fat Loss Package

Gain the awareness to promote your health and personal lifestyle through your DNA analysis.

On more than 160 pages you will find a professional and understandable explanation of what the evaluation of your analysis means and how you can apply it accordingly in your everyday life.

R Genetically matched recommendation for nutrition & fitness
R 32 Analysis reports about your body
R Immediately and easily applicable in everyday life
R Mobile access to your DNA analysis evaluation

(unit price 279€)

Your DNA analysis muscle building package

Based on your DNA analysis evaluation, we will send you a monthly package (30 sticks) of your CHARGE Sports Drink, which optimally fits your sport & fitness type.

For all subsequent orders you will receive a 10% discount. A lifetime.

R Tailored formulas for your sport

R Developed according to the latest scientific findings with the German Institute for Sports Nutrition.
R Gluten & lactose free, vegan & calorie reduced
R 100% plastic-free or recyclable packaging

(unit price 59,80€)

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Contents of the DNA analysis

The ACTIVE LIFE DNA analysis in detail

Nutrition & Diet Features (7 reports)

R Regain the lost weight

R The risk for the development of obesity
R The reaction to saturated fats
R The response to monounsaturated fats
R The response to polyunsaturated fats
R The response to carbohydrates
R Diet type

Vitamin & Mineral Requirements Characteristics (7 reports)
R Vitamin B6/B9/B12
R Iron
R Sodium (salt)
R Potassium
R Bone density
Body function characteristics (2 reports)

R Sensitivity to inflammation
R Sleep cycle

Sports & Fitness Features (10 reports)
R Muscle structure
R Strength training
R Fat free body mass
R Gene for muscle volume
R VO2max (your aerobic potential)
R Kriegergen
R Heart capacity
R Muscle fatigue gene
R Recovery after training
R Risk of injury to the soft tissue
Cardiovascular system characteristics (5 reports)
R HDL cholesterol (the “good” cholesterol)
R LDL cholesterol (the “bad” cholesterol)
R Triglycerides
R Blood sugar
R C-reactive protein (CRP)
Food table

From more than 1000 analyzed foods you will learn to which you react rather well or not so well

R Bread and pastries
R Cereal products
R Confectionery
R Egg products
R Bakery products
R Dairy products
R Fruit products
R Vegetable products
R Potato products
R Red meat products
R White meat products
R Marine products
R Animal meals
R Vegetarian meals
R Sausage slices
R Legumes
R Spices
R Oils & Fats
R Non-alcoholic beverages
R Alcoholic beverages

How can I reach my goals faster with a DNA analysis and CHARGE Sports Drinks?

Many general tips are given in the nutrition and fitness section. Diets such as low-carb, detox or clean eating are also general. In fact, however, each person has a different disposition. So a certain diet or fitness exercise may work for your friends, but do the opposite for you.

Lose weight successfully and in a targeted manner

Physical fitness

Lose weight successfully and in a targeted manner

Find out your sport & fitness type and choose a type of training tailored to you, so that it best fits your genetic makeup, as it plays an important role for your body when it comes to burning fat, losing weight or achieving physical performance gains.

Playing any sport can have both positive and negative effects on everyone’s health and your well-being.

Among other things, your genetic makeup, your physical recovery ability, your muscular injury risk, and your fat tissue buildup will all affect your performance.

Vitamins & Minerals

Eat healthier and better

Your DNA lays down the basic building blocks necessary for your body to metabolize macronutrients (carbohydrates, fats, and proteins) and store them as energy, as well as meet your vitamin and mineral needs.

Likewise, your DNA influences how your body reacts to certain nutrients and foods and how it can utilize them optimally.

Eat healthier and better
Lose weight successfully and in a targeted manner

Diet & Nutrition

Lose weight successfully and in a targeted manner

What does your body utilize well, what does it tend to store (make you fat)?

Find out if you are more of a carbohydrate person or if you should eat more protein or fat and which “diet” will be most effective for you.

CHARGE Sports Drinks

Eat healthier and better

CHARGE Sports Drinks are tailor-made for your sport!

Each of the 4 Sports Drinks contains perfectly balanced ingredients to help you perform at your best in your sport. – No more and no less.

They contain only natural color & flavor extracts and do not contain any artificial ingredients such as preservatives or stabilizers.

Because the drinks are hypotonic, they hydrate you more quickly than isotonic drinks or water.

Eat healthier and better

MYFOODBOOK – The unique cookbook according to your DNA!

Get a 28-day diet plan & 60 personalized cooking recipes

Foods and recipes to match your nutrition type. Nutrigenetic predispositions play an important role in micro- and macronutrient digestion and consequently influence the nutrient requirements of each dietary type.

Based on your genetic makeup, we create a personalized cookbook that is 100% customized to your personal nutritional type.

Eat consciously, save time and have the perfect solution for your right nutrition

Your time savings
We provide you with all the information you need to prepare a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner, saving you time at the supermarket!

Your money saving
We offer you a large selection of individual recipes and so you can eat only what is good for your body.

Less food waste
You buy only the ingredients that you really need, to the gram, and thus reduce food waste.


The security of your data is important to us!

Your DNA sample will be stored in a secure facility with controlled access. It is pseudonymized with a unique identification code and only selected people have access to the association with your personal data.

Your saliva sample and its DNA sequence will be destroyed 2 months after the analysis is completed.

We work according to the requirements of the DSGVO and the security of your data is our top priority. MYBODYDNA always uses the most up-to-date software and information technology to ensure that your information is never shared with an unauthorized person without your explicit consent.

The transmission of your personal and payment information through our website is secured by the latest SSL encryption.