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Genetic inclination shapes our lifestyle. Thus, each person has individual ideas about diet, sports and appearance. In plain language: the focus is clearly on one’s own needs.

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DNA has an influence on the metabolic functions of the human body. This means that each person has an individual metabolism. Thus, it is still far too often the case with uncontrolled consumer behavior that it leads to the familiar feeling of inertia.

Sports & fitness traits are also related to genetic predisposition. Thus, each person has his or her personal connection to sports – to relieve stress, for example.

Conventional skin care concepts can certainly help out across the board, but ultimately do not achieve complete satisfaction for each individual skin type. In this case, any further information can turn the view 180°.

We identify mybody metabolic and athletic types* in addition to genetic tendencies so that you are the center of attention.


72 DNA analysis reports

How does my body respond to the actionable items in the following topics?

Diet and nutrition - Features (7 reports)

Vitamin & Mineral Requirements - Features (9 reports)

Sports & Fitness - Features (10 reports)

Metabolic function - Characteristics (4 reports)

Your DNA nutrition test on the PC (laptop) or smartphone (cell phone).

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The topic: Increase quality of life

DNA has an influence on the metabolism of food, physical performance and the external appearance of each individual. What the personal lifestyle ultimately looks like is determined by the individual setting of accents.


Everyone is different & has their own goals

Set your needs now

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Lose weight successfully and in a targeted manner

The ALLINONE includes the following items:

Diet and diet characteristics
Vitamin & Mineral Requirements Characteristics
Dietary habits characteristics
Metabolic function Features
Body and detoxification processes Features
Sports & Fitness Features
Cardiovascular system features
Food table
The need for vitamins
The appearance of your skin
The inflammation & aging processes
The detoxification & metabolic processes

Still a little undecided how this should look?

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As is so often the case, general tips do not lead to the desired goal. Therefore, the sample evaluation gives you direct insights into the reports of the DNA analysis of mybody instead.

With the sample evaluation you have a free extract of a DNA analysis to see how your DNA analysis can look like.