Our DNA Laboratory

Quality standards at the highest level

With state-of-the-art equipment, our certified DNA analysis laboratory is at the cutting edge of genetic analysis technology.


For almost 10 years we are on the market with the topic Nutri-, Human- and Epigentics in Europe and Asia.

Represented in up to 20 countries across Europe and Asia & DNA evaluation available in up to 10 languages

Our EU based laboratory is accredited and certified according to ISO/IEC17025:2005.

The advanced technology provides reliable DNA analysis evaluations

The most modern DNA examination

Our automated human and epigenetics laboratory analyzes up to more than 200 gene variations of human DNA. The analysis processes are carried out according to the regulations of ISO 9001:2015 and the international standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Companies, pharmacies, nutritionists, personal trainers, doctors and fitness centers in Europe and Asia rely on the comprehensive expertise of MYBODY-X DNA analysis evaluation.

DNA analysis is for every need

Your DNA determines large parts of your life

Our DNA analyses specifically investigate the analysis of the 33 most relevant skin gene variations and increase from 100 to 160 to over 200 gene variations, depending on the customer’s needs.

Thus, we individually cover the topic of the right nutrition, optimal fitness, long-term improved skin appearance and the appropriate lifestyle for more well-being.

Most modern and optimized application

More self-determination through DNA analysis

Our nutritional counseling team helps each and every client with the individual application of the DNA analysis evaluation in terms of weight management, proper diet and genetic eating habits, as well as the application of DNA analysis in everyday life.

That is why we uniquely offer nutritional counseling based on DNA analysis evaluation. In addition, each individual customer has the opportunity to receive from us an individual cookbook, the contents of which are 100% adapted to the evaluation of each DNA analysis. The Cookbook includes 60 personalized cooking recipes and a 28-day diet plan.


The security of your data is important to us!

Your DNA sample will be stored in a secure facility with controlled access. It is pseudonymized with a unique identification code and only selected people have access to the association with your personal data.

Your saliva sample and its DNA sequence will be destroyed 2 months after the analysis is completed.

We work according to the requirements of the DSGVO and the security of your data is our top priority. MYBODYDNA always uses the most up-to-date software and information technology to ensure that your information is never shared with an unauthorized person without your explicit consent.

The transmission of your personal and payment information through our website is secured by the latest SSL encryption.