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THE report for your weight

Logical connections based on your DNA

The DNA analysis report provides you with a detailed insight into your DNA in just a few minutes.

With the help of your up to 470-page DNA analysis report, correlations are explained in a professional yet simple manner.

R Which nutrition and diet type are you?

R What is your tendency towards the yo-yo effect?

R How does your body react to which fats?

R What is your daily feeling of hunger and fullness?

R Which vitamins and minerals does your body really need?

R How you can optimize your metabolic processes?

R What is the distribution of macronutrients in your body?

R Which sport & fitness type are you?

R How do you develop targeted strength and more muscle?

R What is your optimal and genetic sleep cycle?

R How do you detoxify & regenerate your body optimally?

R How do you rejuvenate your biological age completely naturally?

R To which foods do you react rather well or badly?

R and much more!

The most frequently asked customer questions

How does DNA analysis work?

As different as our tastes and preferences are, so are our physical characteristics and needs. Thanks to the groundbreaking discoveries of modern genetics, it is possible to find out precisely these genetic differences from the comfort of your own home with a simple saliva sample.

Depending on the analysis you choose, you will learn what influence your genes have on your body.

Is DNA analysis also suitable for me?

Basically, our DNA analyses are suitable for everyone who is interested in their genetic predispositions. From health optimizers to competitive athletes to beauty queens. With us, everyone will find what they are looking for.

What is analyzed?

DNA has an influence on many areas in life. Gene segments related to body processes are studied. Depending on your preference, you can choose between the following analyses:

  • MY VITALITY (+ optional MY FOODBOOK)
  • MY INFINITY (+ optional MY FOODBOOK)

  • Online nutritional counseling
    (in combination with DNA analysis)
How do I determine my personal micronutrient requirements and why is a blood count not sufficient for this?

Micronutrients play an essential role when it comes to our health and well-being. To ensure adequate supply, optimal nutrient uptake is critical.

But how can individual needs be correctly determined?

The most common way is to have blood work done by a doctor. BUT: A blood draw measures the levels of each micronutrient, which may be within the recommended normal range according to blood work. However, due to a genetic defect, this “recommended normal range” may differ significantly from your individual needs. If your body has problems with the conversion or absorption of certain micronutrients, this nutrient is transported more poorly into the cells and a deficiency occurs – even though the level is inconspicuous according to the blood count. Your personal requirement would therefore be higher than the recommended normal value in this case.

DNA has an influence on metabolism. Means metabolism is related to genetic predisposition.

How do I apply my DNA analysis report correctly?

Up to 470 pages you get the connections between genetics and body explained. For this purpose, recommendations based on logical conclusions are written down for each point. In combination with MY FOODBOOK, which suggests personalized cooking recipes, you have the complete package.

To enjoy the full benefit of our services, you can easily book our team for online nutritional counseling.

Why is a DNA-based diet more effective than a standard diet or an extreme measure like stomach reduction?

Don’t bury your head in the sand right away if a diet doesn’t work.

Since there is no one diet that works for everyone, it is now necessary to include your own genes. DNA has an influence on metabolism. This means that it works better or worse depending on the predisposition. For example, one person can process lactose better or absorb vitamins better than others.

You don’t want to work against your natural conditions, but rather use your DNA to take care of your own health without having to make any sacrifices!
The DNA analysis
by mybody is your approach to adapt your lifestyle to your genes without extreme changes.

Questions about the process and logistics

What happens after the order?

After you have decided for your DNA analysis, you will receive within 1-2 days Your DNA analysis kit sent to your home. Then you take the tube and the instructions from your DNA analysis kit and make a Saliva collection. Then you put the tube into the plastic bag and send it with the Return envelope to our laboratory. After 3 weeks you will receive a message from us by e-mail and receive your DNA analysis report.

Where does mybody ship to?

We ship worldwide and have branches in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

What makes us (mybody) different from other providers?

We are provider of 100% personalized DNA analysis for the purpose of your individual optimization of your personal health, nutrition and performance. Based on your unique DNA analysis, we will create meaningful exposés for you, which will enable you to optimize your lifestyle in a completely new and targeted way. We present all relevant topics in a professional and comprehensible manner that is easy to implement in everyday life.

DNA analyses from the company thus make a valuable contribution to the improvement of your personal well-being and the realization of your sustainable healthy lifestyle.

So that we can guarantee you the best possible support, we also work closely with nutritionists, personal trainers, private clinics and pharmacies..

How many gene segments are analyzed?

Accordingly, which
DNA analysis
you choose, between 33 and 180 gene segments can be analyzed.

For example, at the
100 different gene segments are analyzed to determine gene variations (traits).

Questions about the mybody DNA analyses

Why a DNA analysis?

With DNA analysis, certain sections of your DNA are analyzed. For example, if you have problems losing weight, want to improve your performance or simply optimize your well-being, it can happen that you do not immediately find the right solution.

Gene variations can be determined on the basis of DNA. Gene variations are traits that are related to the body process.

The unique DNA analysis report is accessible from anywhere, whether as a ring binder or on your electronic device.

What exactly does the DNA analysis report offer me?

The DNA analysis report is generated using your DNA. DNA is related to many areas of the body. Depending on how many gene segments are examined, you get results about your gene variations (traits).

Why can my diet and nutrition type help me?

DNA has an influence on metabolic functions. Depending on predisposition, the absorption and digestion of food varies. We determine the mybody metabolic types based on your DNA. Your predisposed reactions to saturated fats or monounsaturated / polyunsaturated fats as well as carbohydrates and proteins round out your diet type.

How does knowing my vitamin and mineral needs help me?

Micronutrients, which include vitamins and minerals, have a key role in our health. They are vital for the functioning of our organism, because they improve our well-being and can thus strengthen the immune system and prevent many diseases.

A lack of vitamins sometimes makes you feel a little sleepy or you don’t feel quite right. With the right nutritional intake of vitamins and minerals is done a favor to health.

Your daily requirements are influenced by numerous factors, including your genetic makeup, which determines which vitamins and minerals you may be deficient in and should then increase your intake.

What effects do my eating habits have on my body?

Undoubtedly, the environment and your genetic makeup have a great influence on your eating habits, with your health being directly linked to your eating habits. Thus, it is hereditary that the consumption of sweets, a higher insatiability and the perception of the sweet or bitter taste is associated with your state of health.

Depending on your genetic makeup, you may reach for sweets more often or less often, or you may see yourself more or less as a glutton.

We determine for sustainable success, in addition to the mybody substance types, the genetic tendencies.

How can I lose weight with mybody DNA analysis?

The DNA analysis report is to be used as a building block of a conventional weight loss concept. The contents are e.g. like the following:

Diet and nutrition – Features

Eating habits

Macro/micronutrient requirements

Sport type predisposition

Food table

60 Personalized cooking recipes

28 days diet plan

Furthermore, you can use your appointment for an online nutrition consultation to achieve your goal of losing weight effectively and sustainably. Online nutrition counseling can also be used for this purpose, to have the contents of the DNA analysis report explained to you in detail.

What are the advantages of DNA analysis in the field of sports?

DNA has an impact on our physical performance. Depending on the predisposition, the body has better characteristics for a particular sport or training.

If you know the strengths and weaknesses of your own body better, you can use this knowledge to effectively increase your performance.

What is analyzed in the different DNA analyses?

The respective DNA analyses differ fundamentally in the number of gene segments that are examined. The higher the number of gene segments examined, the more content is included in the DNA analysis report..


: 33 gene variations: 18 contents (70 pages)

: 100 gene variations: 32 contents (160 pages)

: 140 gene variations: 54 contents (200 pages)

: up to 180 gene variations: all 72 contents (470 pages)


The MY FOODBOOK can be ordered as an option. It is already included with the ALLINONE. It includes a 28-day diet plan and 60 personalized cooking recipeswhich are designed not only to tantalize the palate, but also to promote individual well-being.


The security of your data is important to us!

Your DNA sample will be stored in a secure facility with controlled access. It is pseudonymized with a unique identification code and only selected people have access to the association with your personal data.

Your saliva sample and its DNA sequence will be destroyed 2 months after the analysis is completed.

We work strictly according to the requirements of the GDPR and the security of your data is our top priority.Mybody always uses the latest software and information technology to ensure that your data is never shared with an unauthorized person without your explicit consent.

The transmission of your payment and personal data via our website is secured by the latest SSL encryption.