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DNA has an influence on genetic tendencies such as the sleep cycle or regenerative body processes. Thus, each person has his personal predispositions, which provide more vitality.

Your diet and exercise with DNA analysis?

Everybody knows: To provide your body with sufficient nutrients and calories, a balanced diet is necessary. What not everyone knows is what a balanced diet looks like for oneself. Each body is individual. So it’s no wonder that the one healthy method that works for everyone doesn’t exist.

New approach: DNA analysis. It examines gene segments that are directly related to metabolism. It results in personalized recommendations as the impetus in an overall concept. Therefore, we identify the mybody metabolic and sport types*.

Because one thing is clear: a lack of exercise cannot be compensated for by diet alone. That’s why exercise and personalized nutrition balance each other out. Consider diet and nutrition and fitness & exercise equally to focus on your goal.


32 DNA analysis reports

How does my body respond to the actionable items in the following topics?

Diet and nutrition - Features (7 reports)

Vitamin & Mineral Requirements - Features (9 reports)

Sports & Fitness - Features (10 reports)

Metabolic function - Characteristics (4 reports)

Your DNA nutrition test on the PC (laptop) or smartphone (cell phone).

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The DNA analysis on the subject of nutrition and exercise

Personalized nutrition and exercise optimization only work together to ensure a healthy balance. DNA is the missing piece of the puzzle that needs to be put in place for a healthy mix of diet and exercise.


Everyone is different & has their own goals

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MY VITALITY includes the following:

Diet and nutrition – Features
Vitamin & Mineral Requirements – Features
Sports & Fitness – Features
Cardiovascular system – features
Food table

Still a little undecided how this should look?

Let the sample evaluation impress you!

As is so often the case, general tips do not lead to the desired goal. Therefore, the sample evaluation gives you direct insights into the reports of the DNA analysis of mybody instead.

With the sample evaluation you have a free extract of a DNA analysis to see how your DNA analysis can look like.