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Diet & Nutrition Type

JoJo effect and feeling of satiety

Vitamin & mineral requirements

Eating habits

Physical addiction factors

Metabolic function

Body & Detoxification Process

Regeneration & Sleep Cycle

Sport type predisposition

Muscle cells reaction

Cardiovascular predisposition

Cardiovascular response

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The appearance of your skin

Inflammation & Aging Process

Vitamin requirement of your skin

Detoxification & Metabolism Process




Lose weight in the long term & eat healthy

How does my body metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins and am I prone to overweight and yo-yo effect?

Increase performance & train correctly

Which type of sport & fitness suits me best and what should an effective workout look like?

Find out nutrient needs & get fitter

How well does my body absorb nutrients and how much do I really need?

Optimally detoxify & regenerate

How do I gain more control over my health through targeted preventive care and appropriate sleep cycles?

Digest properly & reduce stress

How can I boost my metabolism to be more energetic?

Preserve beauty & slow aging

How do my genes influence my skin and what micronutrients do I need for long-lasting beauty?