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DNA influences muscle type, nutrient requirements, and regeneration. Therefore, we identify the mybody metabolic and sport types*.

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The DNA has an influence on the physical performance level before the training as well as the own regeneration processes after the training. Thus, each person has his or her genetically optimal prerequisite for best performance in training. Whether strength, endurance or flexibility training is the personal favorite usually only becomes apparent after many years of trial and error.

If the body’s reactions are understood and the load phase of the training session is optimally matched to the training objective, sporting successes are not normally out of the question.

Conventional training programs may well be incomplete. Therefore, for your fitness goals, any additional signal can shed light on the darkness. Our recommendations are intended as an additional building block for training as part of a fitness concept.

DNA Test Fitness - The top 5 tips to stay fit at home.


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How does my body respond to the actionable items in the following topics?

Diet and nutrition - Features (7 reports)

Vitamin & Mineral Requirements - Features (9 reports)

Sports & Fitness - Features (10 reports)

Cardiovascular system - Features (5 reports)

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The genetically predisposed muscle structure of humans is crucial for athletic success. It is also known that the right amount of vitamins and minerals strengthens the immune system. Our assessment: If the really important adjustments are made, physical performance will also increase in the long term.


Everyone is different & has their own goals

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MY VITALITY includes the following:

Diet and nutrition – Features
Vitamin & Mineral Requirements – Features
Dietary habits – Features
Sports & Fitness – Features
Cardiovascular system – features
Food table


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As is so often the case, general tips do not lead to the desired goal. Therefore, the sample evaluation gives you direct insights into the reports of the DNA analysis of mybody instead.

With the sample evaluation you have a free extract of a DNA analysis to see how your DNA analysis can look like.