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Genetic propensities for sleep cycles and consumption patterns are deeply embedded. Therefore, in addition to genetic tendencies, we determine the mybody metabolic types*.

Reduce stress and recharge your batteries

The body’s own detoxification and regeneration processes are influenced by genetics. For example, DNA also influences the sleep cycle and the development of oxidative stress.

Intolerances and too much stress weaken the body and make it more sensitive to stimulants. If the risks are known before they arise, they can be addressed at an early stage.

Fact: Routine methods can become one-sided in the long run and show gaps over time. At the same time, every spark can be a flashing idea for something new.

DNA analysis examines precisely those gene markers that are related to metabolism. The contents of the analysis are used in the context of a conventional lifestyle concept.


54 DNA analysis reports

How does my body respond to the actionable items in the following topics?

Diet and nutrition - Features (7 reports)

Vitamin & Mineral Requirements - Features (9 reports)

Sports & Fitness - Features (10 reports)

Metabolic function characteristics (4 reports)

Your DNA nutrition test on the PC (laptop) or smartphone (cell phone).

your DNA test’s with mybody

The theme of detoxify & regenerate:

DNA has an influence on bodily processes. Thus, each body detoxifies and regenerates in a different way. With the right diet can be targeted.


Everyone is different & has their own goals

Let a breath of fresh air blow and change your diet!

Lose weight successfully and in a targeted manner

MY INFINITY includes the following:

Diet and nutrition – Features
Vitamin & Mineral Requirements – Features
Dietary habits – Features
Metabolic function – Features
Body and detoxification process – features
Sports & Fitness Features
Cardiovascular system – features
Food table


Still a little undecided how this should look?

Let the sample evaluation impress you!

As is so often the case, general tips do not lead to the desired goal. Therefore, the sample evaluation gives you direct insights into the reports of the DNA analysis of mybody instead.

With the sample evaluation you have a free extract of a DNA analysis to see how your DNA analysis can look like.