Beautiful skin with mybody

The right wellness strategy starts with metabolism and vitamin requirements. That is why we determine the mybody metabolic types* in addition to genetic tendencies.

Beautiful skin comes from inside and outside

The appearance of the skin is determined by the genetic makeup. Depending on the predisposition, inflammations or skin redness develop faster or slower. Due to undetected defects, contamination and allergic reactions can occur quickly.

DNA analysis is used to examine gene segments. The contents of a DNA analysis are to be included as a further building block within the framework of a conventional lifestyle concept.



18 Analysis reports

How does my body respond to the actionable items in the following topics?

The appearance of your skin (5 reports)

The inflammation & aging processes (4 reports)

The vitamin substance requirement (7 reports)

The detoxification & metabolic processes (2 reports)

Your DNA nutrition test on the PC (laptop) or smartphone (cell phone).

your DNA test’s with mybody

About the subject of skin appearance

The DNA influences the individual genetic predisposition of metabolic factors, such as the metabolism of selenium or omega-3. Thus, the need for vitamin B2, B6, B9, B12 as well as vitamin C, D and E also differs from person to person.


Everyone is different & has their own goals

Don’t leave your skin care to chance!

Lose weight successfully and in a targeted manner

MY SKINCARE includes the following:

-The vitamin requirement
-The appearance of your skin
-The inflammation & aging processes
-The detoxification & metabolic processes

Still a little undecided how this should look?

Let the sample evaluation impress you!

As is so often the case, general tips do not lead to the desired goal. Therefore, the sample evaluation gives you direct insights into the reports of the DNA analysis of mybody instead.

With the sample evaluation you have a free extract of a DNA analysis to see how your DNA analysis can look like.