The procedure

How your DNA analysis works

three simple steps to your DNA analysis

It’s that simple!

Step 1

Choose your analysis today and get your home DNA analysis kit.

Step 2

Send your saliva sample back to us and your saliva sample will be analyzed in the laboratory.

Step 3

Receive your DNA analysis report within 3-5 weeks, in PDF or book form.

the procedure in detail

See for yourself how easy it can be.

Step 1: Your decision

Make your decision and choose the right DNA analysis for you.
After only 2-4 business days, your selected DNA analysis kit will be at your home!

Step 2: The DNA analysis kit

MYBODYDNA Procedure Step 2

Open your DNA analysis kit and carefully read the operating instructions first.
Make sure you understand the procedure to perform DNA analysis correctly from home.

Step 3: The saliva collection

MYBODYDNA Procedure Step 3

Easily and conveniently perform saliva collection with the tube.
If you are unsure, please read the user manual again or use the customer service on our homepage if you have any questions.

Step 4: The registration and return


Register your DNA analysis kit on our homepage under “REGISTER KIT”.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! By way of explanation, it is necessary for you to register so that we can assign your evaluation and provide you with your DNA analysis report.

Please use the return envelope to safely return the saliva sample to us.

Step 5: The DNA analysis in the laboratory

MYBODYDNA Procedure Step 5

Special sections of your DNA will be analyzed in our laboratory units using the most appropriate technique.

Our scientists evaluate your results and develop your personal plan based on the uniqueness of your DNA analysis.

Step 6: Receive the report of the DNA analysis

MYBODYDNA Procedure DNA analysis obtained

With the execution and evaluation of your DNA analysis it is done. You will receive a message by e-mail as soon as we have received the complete reports of your DNA analysis in the laboratory.

It takes about 10-20 working days after receipt of your saliva sample. Afterwards, your DNA analysis report is immediately available to you as a PDF file via your web profile.

If you wish, we can also print out your content and send it to you by mail as a ring binder.

Step 7: Implement recommendations and achieve goals

DNA Analysis Procedure - Lose weight with DNA analysis

Implement your action and nutrition recommendations as directed by your DNA analysis report.

And then it means for you: STAY AT IT!!! Understand your eating habits, learn about your fitness potential, and apply knowledge about your genes in a sustainable way.

Achieve your physical goals, improve your well-being and increase your performance for a future with a better quality of life in everyday life.

Share your newfound zest for life with others and consciously use the positive experiences for yourself and enjoy your path to your very own feel-good body.